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Plot of Gracie (film)

It is 1978 and fifteen year recent young woman Allen Bowen (Carly Schroeder), United Nations agency lives in South Orange, New Jersey, is crazy concerning football game, as ar her 3 brothers, neighbor, and former football game star father (Dermot Mulroney). though Allen needs to affix her brothers and father within the nightly practices, she is discouraged by everybody except her older brother, Johnny (Jesse Lee Soffer). the sport at their college Columbia highschool (New Jersey) comes by with Johnny because the star athlete on the Varsity team, the last shot is on the brink of happen and he lost it. He then is gloomy, however gets over it. He then gets in his friend's automotive and drives off.

Tragedy unexpectedly strikes once Johnny is killed during a automotive accident. battling grief, Allen determined that she needs to interchange her brother on the team. Her father doesn't believe that women ought to play football game and tells her that she is neither robust nor gifted enough to play with the boys team. Her mother, Lindsey Bowen (Elisabeth Shue), could be a nurse United Nations agency lacks the competitive drive of the remainder of her family and fears for Gracie's safety. Lindsey later confesses to Allen that she would have likable to become a medico, however that choice wasn't on the market to her as a lady.

Feeling rejected and depressed, Allen begins to rebel; she stops doing her school assignment, is caught cheating on associate communicating, and experiments with wild and suicidal behavior. She is finally caught by her father virtually having sex with a bloke she met close to the docks once telling her friend "I wish to try and do one thing that I've ne'er done before." This is a "wake-up call" for her folks, notably her father. He equal his job to teach her in football game. once the varsity board rejects her request to play boy's football game, it's disclosed that he wished her to play women's field game. Allen files associate charm with the varsity board. Citing the freshly passed Title IX, Allen argues that since a girl's football game team doesn't exist, she ought to be allowed to play on the boy's varsity football game team. the varsity board permits her to do out for the team. once terribly rough tryouts, she makes the JV team and has got to decide if she is willing to play at that level. She decides to form the foremost of taking part in on JV.

One of the coaches asks her to return to the championship football game game. once spoken communication no initially she finally goes. Her team is up 1-0. the opposite team winds up marking to form it 1-1. they are going to a extra time spherical, the primary one to get wins, to check United Nations agency wins. Their new captain, Kyle, gets hurt and Allen goes sure him. She misses the place kick, however winds up marking with the move that her papa tutored her.

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